Your daily excursions to all the tourist and archaeological destinations in the area can be arranged by us in cooperation with tourist agencies based in Volos. Tours organized include the most important historical and religious places of interest and even horseback rides starting from our complex. Feel free to ask the reception staff to advise you and supply you with the necessary roadmaps.


Our complex collaborates with external partners. For a small charge, a babysitter will be provided to you to take care of our little friends.


We are able to recommend you a hairdresser to set an appointment either in their beauty salon or even at your room upon agreement.


During your absence, we will keep any phone messages or mail for you. Unless you have asked for them before, each day at 10pm, we deliver any messages/mail you have to your room.


If you want to send a fax, reception staff will take care of it. If during your stay you receive an incoming fax, you can pick it up from the reception.


If you do not have a personal e-mail, you can use ours.


You can have black and white photocopies for a small charge per page.


There is a wireless internet base station, which ensures high speed internet access that covers all areas in the complex. In order to have free internet access, you should get your own personal password by the reception. If you do not have a laptop, there is a computer in the bar for public use.


All our rooms have individual heating, as well as all areas of our hotel.


The central boiler of our complex ensures hot water is available all day long, all year round.


The complex’s high levels of security guarantee a comfortable and mainly safe stay. Access to the premises is only allowed to the residents and their visitors, while security cameras monitor the surroundings. Entry of other visitors is strictly controlled.