“Iliopetra” Luxury Suites complex can be found in a central location in the village Agios Lavrentios, a peaceful and especially quite location. It is built in a leafy 2 acre area, surrounded by forest and traditional paths. Access to the complex is very easy, just a 50m walk from the parking area to the entrance of the complex. Due to its advantageous location and the lack of uphills, access to the complex is just as easy from the public parking in the entrance of the village and the one near the school as from the train station. It is in fact just 140m away from the central square, 80m from the train station, 70m from the monastery of Agios Lavrentios and 70m from the school. Its unique location offers an amphitheatrical view of the four cardinal points. Sea, mountain and forest are the alternating images which catch the visitors’ eye, leaving him with an unprecedented feeling of relaxation and escaping everyday life.